The top 6 finalists will be revealed tonight in the X Factor 2012 results show. Yes, it’s another double elimination tonight so two of the eight finalists will be sent home. Who do think will be leaving? Who should go home?

This week’s episode is totally better than last week. It’s not because the contestants performed better last night, but because there are less drama that last week.

The contestants performed number one songs from this year and for the past 25 years. Some sang recent songs like Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”, Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger” while some sang songs that were number one during the 80s like Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” and Whitney Houston’s “I Want to Dance With Somebody”.

The performances I preferred are those by Fifth Harmony, who sang “Stronger”, Carly Rose Soneclar, who sang “Rolling in the Deep”, Tate Stevens who sang “Somebody Like You” and Paige Thomas who sang “Nover Gonna Give You Up”. These artists got some good comments from the judges.

Meanwhile, CeCe Frey escaped elimination last week, but with the comment she got from the judges, seems like they want her out. LA Reid said she’s going down, but she’s going down fighting. Simon said to pack a suitcase. However, of course her mentor Demi said otherwise. She thought CeCe came out swining. Do you agree with her?

Who could be leaving tonight? Any predictions? My guess are Vino Alan and Emblem3. How about you? Will CeCe Frey be safe again?

The musical guests tonight are Alicia Keys and Josh Krajcik. Plus, Britney Spears will premiere the music video of “Scream and Shout” which features

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Update: Paige Thomas has been eliminated! Vino Alan has been eliminated!


Josh Krajcik sings “One Thing She’ll Never Know”

Alicia Keys sings “Girl on Fire”



1. Carly Rose Soneclar

2. Tate Stevens

3. Emblem3

4. Fifth Harmony

5. CeCe Frey

6. Diamond White



Vino Alan vs Diamond White!


Diamond White sings “I Was Here” by Beyonce

Vino Alan sings “Trouble” by Ray Lamontagne



LA Reid sends home Diamond White

Britney Spears sends home Vino Alan

Demi Lovato sends home Vino Alan

Simon Cowell sends home Vino Alan