Who got voted off X Factor November 29, 2012 Elimination 11/29/12

The top 6 finalists will be revealed tonight in the X Factor 2012 results show. Yes, it’s another double elimination tonight so two of the eight finalists will be sent home. Who do think will be leaving? Who should go home?

This week’s episode is totally better than last week. It’s not because the contestants performed better last night, but because there are less drama that last week.

The contestants performed number one songs from this year and for the past 25 years. Some sang recent songs like Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”, Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger” while some sang songs that were number one during the 80s like Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” and Whitney Houston’s “I Want to Dance With Somebody”.

The performances I preferred are those by Fifth Harmony, who sang “Stronger”, Carly Rose Soneclar, who sang “Rolling in the Deep”, Tate Stevens who sang “Somebody Like You” and Paige Thomas who sang “Nover Gonna Give You Up”. These artists got some good comments from the judges.

Meanwhile, CeCe Frey escaped elimination last week, but with the comment she got from the judges, seems like they want her out. LA Reid said she’s going down, but she’s going down fighting. Simon said to pack a suitcase. However, of course her mentor Demi said otherwise. She thought CeCe came out swining. Do you agree with her?

Who could be leaving tonight? Any predictions? My guess are Vino Alan and Emblem3. How about you? Will CeCe Frey be safe again?

The musical guests tonight are Alicia Keys and Josh Krajcik. Plus, Britney Spears will premiere the music video of “Scream and Shout” which features will.i.am.

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Update: Paige Thomas has been eliminated! Vino Alan has been eliminated!


Josh Krajcik sings “One Thing She’ll Never Know”

Alicia Keys sings “Girl on Fire”



1. Carly Rose Soneclar

2. Tate Stevens

3. Emblem3

4. Fifth Harmony

5. CeCe Frey

6. Diamond White



Vino Alan vs Diamond White!


Diamond White sings “I Was Here” by Beyonce

Vino Alan sings “Trouble” by Ray Lamontagne



LA Reid sends home Diamond White

Britney Spears sends home Vino Alan

Demi Lovato sends home Vino Alan

Simon Cowell sends home Vino Alan

90 thoughts on “Who got voted off X Factor November 29, 2012 Elimination 11/29/12

  1. CECE certainly needs to leave – she’s not the least bit likeable; she’s arrogant, narcisistic, and pretty much views herself as the hottest thing since the “Las Vegas stage” was created! She need to get over herself!

  2. Cece is awesome if you look from where she has come from maybe you would stop being brats She can sing wayyyy better than you probly can so stop hating what you dont have

  3. What is happening? Paige’s performance was phenomenal last night! It showed her personality & her vocals. I love her version of that song. Simon better pull another Melanie Amaro because I believe Paige has a lot of talent!

  4. Listen Courtney, There Are thousands more deserving with a much better voice then Miss Cece. And maybe if Cece had a modicum of likeability the FACT that her voice talent is sub par would slip by the masses.

  5. The Truth ? More like lies i would like to see you on the xfactor. Cece may have been a diva at first but she has turn out way better. So really? Cuz she got talent but demi doesnt let her show it

  6. Real talent will always shine through even if your mentor gets it all wrong. I could listen to Carly Rose sing the phone book and it would sound amazing. All of the contestants that have been voted off all have better singing voices then Cece, unfortunately there are people out there who have no ear for talent and would vote for a screeching llama if they liked the back story and thought they were pretty.

  7. She wouldnt be in this compition if she couldnt sing. The judges have an ear for talent. I dont know if you do but cece shines in her own way And fights for what she wants and it seems to be working

  8. Cece is great she just keeps doing crappy songs. Paige should have go e the previous week she couldn’t hold her emotions and she ruined the song even Demi admitted to it. Get Cece do some Toni Braxton she’ll do amazing

  9. I can’t believe Paige was sent home she was much better than Cece but when your mentor obviously supports one better than the other and makes it extremely obvious what else is expected

  10. cece has a phenomenal voice but she doesn’t choose songs that showcase her voice. She has an amazing range but the song choices dont have much high notes. In my opinion i think she should stay not based on what songs she’s been choosing but on her vocal abilities

  11. I think Cece screwed herself with her attitude in the beginning. Sure, she ‘acts” like she has changed, but I just can’t forget that over-confident cocky attitude she had in the beginning.

  12. If you think CeCe is good, you’re tone deaf. Girl couldn’t stay on key if her life depended on it. It’s so bad I can’t even get through an entire song… Quite possibly the worst “Top 10” singer I have EVER heard on one of these shows. They should give her only songs with a very limited range, i.e. Madonna, and perhaps then she’d be able to thrive on her showmanship.

  13. I’m totally sad about vino. He’s not my favorite,but ceces hard to listen too.. He was soothing. I love the top 4 and can not choose who I want to win. Fifth harmony rocks. They sound amazing together. To be paired up like that is amazing. Go Simon. The 2 brothers on emblem3 are adorable. The wanna be badass has issues. Total meat head. Carly rose is amazing. Next to go is diamond and cece thank god. There is only one winner so it’s all a matter of time. Prob Carly rose. But listen top 4 are all gettin labels so no worries.

  14. so hears the deal they got Brittany Spears as a judge, and showef her new video last night.(which was the stupest shit I’ve ever seen and you guys send home the best two people in the competion . Cece is lame and sounds like shit, what’s wrong with Americas voting. its really pathetic.

  15. Cece cannot sing worth crap! I am sorry but her mentor if she really thinks that Cece can sing then who in the heck mentor her? Roseanne Barr? And the dude from Emblem 3 needs to shut up when the judges are making there comments because the dipwad in the hat just makes himself look so stupid ! Simon has actually turned from a hard gallon of ice cream to soft cone from Mcdonalds!

  16. I’ m done with X Factor, I only watched because of Vino and Carly. With Vino gone I am switching back to football. And Paige is so much better than Cece. Britany bores me to tears, Demi just annoys me with that whiney voice….good luck remaining contestant!

  17. I’m happy that Carly is at the top of the leader board. I only watched Carly’s performance last night so I can’t really compare her to others. I wish people would stop saying Cece is a brat. She really isn’t if you listen to what she has to say. Stop judging her by how she was when she first entered this competition.

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