Who got voted off X Factor November 8, 2012 Elimination 11/8/12

It’s the X Factor 2012 elimination show tonight! One of the top 13 will be sent home. Who do you think will be the contestants in the bottom two? Who will be leaving tonight?

The top 13 took the stage last night to perform songs from the movies. Diamond White returned to the show after the judges made the decision to bring her back. But did she impress the viewers at all?

As usual, big production numbers were seen including Paige Thomas floating on wires. Were you impressed at all or wished they’d just keep it simple?

Anyway, my favorites from last night are Tate Stevens, Emblem3, Vino Alan, Jennel Garcia and Paige Thomas (her performance last night was definitely a big improvement from last week). Diamond White’s performance might have been one of the good ones last night, if only her song choice isn’t Whitney’s. While Whitney Houston’s songs are great, I think they are overused in this kind of competition. Same goes with Jason Brock, who sang “I Believe I Can Fly”. I am hoping not to hear these songs for a while, but I guess it can’t be avoided.

So, from last night’s performers, I’m guessing those who will be in the bottom two are CeCe Frey and Diamond White. Fifth Harmony might be in danger too because of changing their names again as people might get confused and forgot to vote for them. How about you? Any predictions on who will be leaving tonight?

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Update: Jason Brock gets voted off!

One Direction performs “Live While You’re Young”…



Arin Ray is safe!

Paige Thomas is safe!

Diamond White is safe!

Vino Alan is safe!

Jennel Garcia is safe!

Emblem3 is safe!

Carly Rose is safe!

Tate Stevens is safe!

Beatrice Miller is safe!

Lyric145 is safe!

Fifth Harmony is safe!



Jason Brock

CeCe Frey


CeCe sings “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me”

Jason sings “Total Eclipse of the Heart”



Demi picks Jason Brock to go home

LA Reid picks CeCe Frey to go home

Britney picks CeCe Frey to go home

Simon Cowell picks Jason Brock to go home


Jason Brock gets eliminated!



1st – Tate Stevens

2nd – Carly Rose

3rd – Vino Alan

4th – Diamond White

5th – Fifth Harmony

6th – Emblem3

7th – Jennel Garcia

8th – Paige Thomas

9th – Lyric 145

10th – Beatrice Miller

11th – Arin Ray

12th – CeCe Frey

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