Who is the Big Brother Saboteur? It’s Annie!

A new twist is happening in Big Brother 12.  For the first time in Big Brother history, one player will be a saboteur and will not be in the House to win.  One among the Big Brother 12 contestants is inside the House to wreak havoc.  Who is the Big Brother Saboteur?

Viewers are needed to give him/her the task.  Do you have any idea who it is?  We don’t know yet but if you already have an idea of who it is, you can go check it here to make your predictions.  It makes the new season exciting, isn’t it?

The saboteur will be revealed to viewers on July 15th, same day as the first live eviction show.  Stay tuned for it.  Please check back this post to find out who is the Big Brother Saboteur!

Annie is the saboteur! Did you expect her to be?

Her tasks

– She padlock the door but she bumped into Brendon – almost fail locking the door, huh?

– A viewer wants her to mess up with Britney and Kathy, to put an X on their photos

– Makes beeping noises

– What she learned about Brendon is what she uses against him (being a scientist and not a coach)

One thought on “Who is the Big Brother Saboteur? It’s Annie!

  1. In my opinion The sabatour is Hayden – the reason being his interview spot at the begining of the Veto competition episode ” Well i have HOH so the saateur is safe for another week”

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