Who was fired on The Apprentice November 11 2010 Results 11/11/10

The Apprentice November 11, 2010 episode will surely be an interesting one as one candidate might be cheating. Who is this contestant and if he’s not sent home, who gets fired on The Apprentice 11/11/10? Results to be here once available.

There are now seven remaining candidates and their task scope for tonight is to create an in-store display to promote Kim Kardashian’s new perume. Who will be the project manager of each teams? Kim Kardashian herself will be one of the judges.

The interesting part is one candidate might get fired because of cheating. What did this contestant do? He/she sends text messages saying that she’s getting close to the top and that she/he’s the project manager. This candidate is inviting the recipients to come to Trump Tower with at least $50 cash. Who could it be?

Will this be the only one to be kicked off tonight? David’s gone now so not sure who we are thinking to be leaving. Anyway, updates on who got fired, eliminated on The Apprentice November 11, 2010 results will be here.

Updates: Anand was fired! Poppy was fired;

The commenter is right – it’s Anand who cheated and sent the text message! Nobody came though, Mr. Trump thinks they doesn’t respect him that’s why no one came

Fortitude team – Stephanie, Poppy (project manager), Liza

Octane team – Brandy, Steuart, Clint (project manager)

Octane team won

Poppy was eliminated

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  1. Glad that he got caught, but I wonder how Mr. Trump managed to get ahold of the text message??? Anand thought he was Mr. GQ and cheated, so he got wshat he had coming by not even getting a cab ride home where he would have been able to give a leaving comment. HA HA HA HA

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