Who was fired on The Apprentice November 18 2010 Results 11/18/10

The Apprentice November 18, 2010 episode will have the remaining five candidates create a commercial for AT&T. Stephanie is so confident while Liza’s embarrassed this time. Will one of them be the one who gets fired on The Apprentice 11/18/10? Results available soon.

The team composition are the same like last week, with Stephanie and Liza for Fortitude team, while Brandy, Steuart and Clint for Octane team. Their task scope for this episode is to produce a 30-second commercial for FLO TV and AT&T Mobile.

Stephanie gets over confident event telling that she’s really a good director maybe directing a commercial is her calling. Liza, on the other hand, is laughing and overwhelmed at the outcome of their task. The interesting part is if their team loses, one of them gets kicked off. Who do you think will be sent home if ever? Is it the project manager, or the team member?

Updates will be here once again. Let’s find out who¬†got fired, eliminated on The Apprentice November 18, 2010 results.

Updates: Stephanie was fired!

Stephanie gave the less important tasks to Liza – now I like her to be eliminated.

Steuart, Clint and Brandy won!

Liza and Stephanie at the final boardroom

One thought on “Who was fired on The Apprentice November 18 2010 Results 11/18/10

  1. Liza is a lame duck. Just glad Habib got “fired”. He lies through his teeth and still tries to say he didn’t cheat to win, but that he wanted to work with Trump so bad. lol. What a douchebag. He would have been a good fit with Madeoff.

    They should check his turban at the airport, it will be going off and he’ll tell them I have these bombs not because I want to blow up the plane, but because I don’t want the flight to land.

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