Who was fired on The Apprentice November 25 2010 Results 11/25/10

The Apprentice November 25, 2010 will be an all new episode even if it’s Thanksgiving. Four candidates remain to work on their final task before the finale. Who do you think ill be the one or two who gets fired on The Apprentice 11/25/10? Results to be here soon.

The teams’ task scope will be to write, direct, produce and star in a live sales segment on QVC. There will be changes in the team composition again since Brandy was placed back to Fortitude with Liza as the project manager. It will be girls against guys once again with Clint and Steuart in the Octane team, with Clint as the project manager.

Who will be kicked off in this episode? Two people will be fired, but only one of them will be shown being sent home. Most likely, the other one getting eliminated will be shown first thing next week. Who do you think will those candidates be?

We are guessing the two guys will be at the finale. How about you?

Anyway, find out soon here as updates will be posted. The candidate who got fired, eliminated on The Apprentice November 25, 2010 results will be here.

Updates: Steuart gets fired! The other person who was sent home will be announced next week at the show.

Fortitude team won, so one from Octane gets fired. Two will be eliminated though, will the other person be from the girls’ team?

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