Who was fired on The Apprentice November 4 2010 Results 11/4/10

The Apprentice November 4, 2010 episode will have the remaining contestants switch teams. Who will be the new members of each team? What will be their task this week? Who do you think gets fired on The Apprentice 11/4/10? Results and updates to be posted below.

Based from the preview, looks like the new teammates will be Brandy, Steuart, Liza and Clint will be the first team while Stephanie, David, Anand and Poppy for the second team. I might be wrong though so we’ll see later on the new teams.

Based on the preview on NBC, their task for tonight will be to make a fashion advertorial and Anand thinks that David has a crush on one of the male model, lols. Meanwhile, Mr. Trump thinks that Brandy and Steuart are having an affair but Brandy said she likes older men.

Anyway, who do you think will be kicked off tonight? Mahsa was sent home last week. Will it be David this time? I am hoping though, but we’ll find out later on when the show airs. The one who got fired, eliminated on The Apprentice November 4, 2010 results will be posted soon.

Updates: David was fired!

Fortitude Team – Anand, David (project manager), Poppy, and Stephanie

Octane Team – Brandy (project manager), Clint, Liza, and Steuart

Octane Team won

David, Poppy, Stephanie in the final boardroom

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  1. Who will be fired on November 11th 2010 episode before the episode starts? who is that doing malpractice by sending text messages to send money to him/her ? Any ideas ? I am so curious..

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