Who was fired on The Apprentice October 14 2010 Results 10/14/10

The challenge continues tonight on The Apprentice October 14, 2010, season 8 episode 5. Will it be another disappointing ending once again, where the one who shouldn’t go home was kicked off? Let’s see on who gets fired on The Apprentice 10/14/10.

I’m not sure what the task for each teams will be and who will be the project manager for each. I am just really hoping that Mahsa would get the boot tonight. I really don’t like her attitude and she thinks too highly of herself, thinking she can do no wrong. I really was disappointed to see Tyana go since it just looks like everyone is pointing to her that all she did was complain but didn’t have any ideas to come up with. It seems that all of the girls are just afraid of Mahsa.

Anyway, if the team Fortitude lost, I am guessing the next one to be kicked off is Liza. About Mahsa, I think she will still survive. If ever the Octane team to lose, I think it will be David. How about you? Who would you want to see being fired?

If you want some live updates, this post will be updated for it. Want to know who got fired or eliminated on The Apprentice October 14, 2010 results? It will be here soon!

Update: Wade and Gene were fired;

Fortitude project manager – Stephanie

Octane project manager – Steuart Wade

The girls won the challenge, Mr. Trump was so happy with their work. The guys left in the final boardroom.

Wade was sent home. It’s usually the project manager who gets fired, huh?

Gene was sent home.

But this time, two were kicked off.

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