Who was fired on The Apprentice October 21 2010 Results 10/21/10

The Apprentice October 21, 2010 will have the remaining contestants face another challenge again. They are going to run a carriage ride in New York City. How are they going to manage their tasks? Will there be two contestants to be kicked off? We’ll find out very soon who gets fired on The Apprentice 10/21/10?

Octane’s project manager is Kelly while Fortitude’s project manager is Anand. Will they be able to manage their teammates well? For sure there will be conflicts again, but the losing team’s manager bring the ones they couldn’t manage well in the final boardroom?

Last week, there was no final boardroom since Mr. Trump thought Wade delivered poor results for his team. Thus, he doesn’t deserve to select people for the final boardroom. There was also a twist, with Gene volunteering to be fired, due to performing poorly as well. Will there be another twist tonight?

I’m still eager to see Mahsa go from the girls’ team and David from the boys’ team, by the way.

Season 8 episode 6 will be airing soon and this post will be updated. The contestant who got fired or eliminated on The Apprentice October 21, 2010 results will be known soon.

Update: Kelly was fired;

David’s teammates are asking Mr. Trump to get rid of him!

The guys won, earning more money than the girls.

Now the girls are arguing who did wrong

Poppy and Mahsa wants Lisa fired when asked

Kelly, Lisa and Stephanie in the final boardroom – well it looks like the previous project manager will be sent home again? This was what happened to Tyana.

Good thing Stephanie was able to defend herself well.

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