Who was fired on The Apprentice October 28 2010 Results 10/28/10

The Apprentice October 28, 2010 will have the contestants reach a breaking point. Not only with the guys, but with the girls too. It’s Broadway week tonight and someone’s gonna lie. Will the liar be kicked off? Who gets fired on The Apprentice 10/28/10?

The teams will be tasked with staging a backer’s audition for two upcoming musicals. Kristen Chenoweth will be the guest star on this episode.

In the preview I’ve seen, Mahsa is accused of being a liar by her teammates. It seems that her teammates don’t respect her and everyone is against her. Same goes with David, whom we have known since the past episodes, has been doing nothing. His teammates even beg Mr. Trump to get rid of him last week, but their team won, so it didn’t happen.

Will it be Mahsa or David to go home tonight? Expect lots of arguments again at the final boardroom to defend themselves. The updates on who got fired, eliminated on The Apprentice October 28, 2010 results will be here.

Updates: Mahsa was fired!

Fortitude project manager РSteuart

Octane project manager РLiza

The guys won, three of the girls will be in the final boardroom

No final boardroom, Mahsa was accused of lying and it was supported by the guys.

5 thoughts on “Who was fired on The Apprentice October 28 2010 Results 10/28/10

  1. Mahsa was fired because she disclosed the amount of money her team got from the previous task to Clint’s team. Mahsa said that Clint also disclosed the amount the guys made, but in fact, he didn’t.

    The guys went back to the boardroom to confirm this.

    Good thing for Mahsa that she admitted it was a mistake.

  2. In disclosing the amount of money the women made during performing the tast Mahsa was baiting the mens team (specifically Clint) to tell how much the men made. Thus Mahsa would know how to play the boardroom strategy. This was seen by Mr Trump and everyone else on both sides as being disloyal to her team. In business one never wants to disclose anything to a rival or competitive business as doing so would give the rival business a “leg up”. Loyalty to ones business, boss, and co-workers is most important One can take this a step further and say that it speaks to loyalty to one’s family and country.

  3. Speaking to the comment of # 1 : “The Apprentice” Season 10 has had 16 candidates who represent a variety of Ethnic Groups. There have been 3 African Americans, 1 India American, 2 Mexican Americans 1 Asian American, 1 Iranian American, 1 French Canadian, and the others a mix of both Eastern and Western Europian Americans, and native American

  4. In speaking to the Blog by the Administrator, yes you are correct in saying that Mahsa was accused of lying and that was supported by both teams however that subject was deflected momentarily when it was realized that Mahsa had also been disloyal to her team by devulging information that should have been privileged.

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