Who was fired on The Apprentice September 23 2010 Results 9/23/10

The Apprentice September 23, 2010 episode will have the contestants, grouped into two, face another challenge once again. At the end, who will be at the final boardroom and who gets fired on The Apprentice 9/23/10?

The task scope for this week is for them to sell ice cream on the streets of New York. Who will be the next project manager of the two teams? Last week, Fortitude team lost against Octane, where Nicole was the PM. She was really blamed for being a bad leader by her teammates, especially Tyana and Masha.

Personally, I would have liked Mahsa to leave because of her attitude but as always, it’s the project manager who always get fired. This time, who do think will be at the final boardroom?

For updates, please bookmark this page. The one who got fired, kicked off or eliminated on The Apprentice September 23, 2010 results will be here.

Updates: Alex got fired

Fortitude team in the boardroom again.

Lisa was said to be the weakest player, according to Poppy

Octane’s team to be in the boardroom this time.

Fortitude won this time!

James, David and Alex in the boardroom; Alex was kicked off;

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