Who was fired on The Apprentice September 30 2010 Results 9/30/10

The Apprentice September 30, 2010 is the third episode of the reality show this week. What will be the task of each team? who gets to win the challenge and who gets fired on The Apprentice 9/30/10? Are you excited to find out who?

Each team have to organize and manage a doggy day care this time. Who among the members of each team will come out with a great idea. Will the judges be happy with the output of each team? Poppy Carlig was the project manager of the Fortitude team and they won the challenge last episode after earning $300 more than what the Octane team earned. Will the team win again this week?

So, who do you think will get kicked off tonight? Last week, it was Alex who was sent home. Since his stint on the reality series, he has founded a Rockport. Will someone be like him?

Updates on what happened at the show will be posted here. Stay tuned for who got fired, eliminated on The Apprentice September 30, 2010 results.

Updates: James got fired.

Tyana is the PM of Fortitude, James for Octane

Boardroom time – the guys were asked what do they think of James.

It seems that Tyana and Mahsa are not good friends now, huh?

The guys lost, one of them is going to leave

James, David and Wade

3 thoughts on “Who was fired on The Apprentice September 30 2010 Results 9/30/10

  1. MR TRUMP: I have watched your show from the beginning when it first came on TV. . I am appalled by your decision to fire James tonight. . it should have been David. . he is nothing but a troublemaker, and was the first one to cause trouble and I feel hatched a plan to sabotage the whole project and carried through with it. . he even said that he would make sure James was fired tonight. . he is evil. . and if you think he would be good for any job in your organization or anyone else’s. . you are sadly mistaken. . he will cause trouble wherever he goes . . he is a real piece of work !! I will not watch your show ever again. . HOW could you be so blind !! James might not have been a good project manager BUT David was nothing but evil. . and intended to cause trouble and did, and got James fired. .

  2. Firing James was ridiculous – I don’t care if it’s just business or not. I guess the Donald thinks having David around will keep viewers because they hate him so much, but not for me. I’m finished with The Apprentice.

  3. I was very disappointed in your selection to fire James. I cannot stand David. What a bad game player…It seems that goodness and fairness don’t pay. James seems like a very well manner person,while David has a very foul mouth,if you think people like this bring better rating to your show, you are mistaken… I was very turned off by your decision……David is the pits.He should have been fired for insubordination.

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