Who was kicked off Hell’s Kitchen August 3, 2010 8/3/10

The still four remaining chefs Holli, Autumn, Jay and Benjamin fight it out for a place in the finals on Hell’s Kitchen August 3, 2010 episode. Only two will remain since it is a double elimination after the dinner service is finished on Hell’s Kitchen 8/3/10. Who will be the last two chefs standing?

The chefs are going to face their toughest challenge yet and one chef might not make it to the dinner service.  Who will it be? The individual challenge will have the final four recreating one of Chef Ramsay’s specialties to test their ability to identify ingredients and flavors. Who will win this challenge? The winner will have a day of relaxation. Meanwhile, the competition will take its toll on one of the contestants.

Who will be the final two contestants to battle it out at the finale?  Please stay tuned for the live updates and find out who got eliminated on Hell’s Kitchen August 3, 2010 results.

Update: Jay & Holli in the finals!

Dinner service – most of the diners have received their appetizers

The chefs are being tested their Quality Control by sabotaging them. It’s Holly’s turn.

Jake got Chef Ramsay’s attention by staining his pants.

Well done by Hollie. It’s Ben’s turn now. He’s off to a strong start. He failed his first Quality Control test.

It’s Autum’s turn. She’s being Chef Ramsay. The sabotage dish came, she failed it.

The four are being asked whey they belong to the finals.

Autumn was eliminated!

Jay is in the finals!

Holly is in the finals!

Benjamin was eliminated!

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