Who was kicked off Hell’s Kitchen July 13, 2010 7/13/10

Hell’s Kitchen will be on hiatus this July 13th and will be back on July 20, 2010 for another two-hour episode.  Only six contestants remain and be prepared to see things fall apart when Hell’s Kitchen returns.

In the meantime, check out the previews of the upcoming episode on Fox.  You might want to check out what could be the next challenges the contestants are going to tackle.  Be back here next week for live updates of Hell’s Kitchen July 20, 2010 results.

3 thoughts on “Who was kicked off Hell’s Kitchen July 13, 2010 7/13/10

  1. I say the heck with some baseball shmuck “All Star” game and put my damn show back on. Why’s Fox have to have the sports on their regular channel when they gots a damn ^%^& sports channel!!!

  2. YAY HK gets bumped for fucking stupid ass baseball….are you fucking serious??God just ANOTHER reason to hate that gay ass sport.

  3. Actually, I didn’t mind baseball until now. Fox made me hate baseball. They could have at least played the show later in the week instead of pushing it to the next week.

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