Who was kicked off Hell’s Kitchen July 20, 2010 7/20/10

Hell’s Kitchen is back with an all new 2-hour episode on July 20, 2010.  Only six chefs remain in the competition and according to Chef Ramsay, now only the best chefs remain.  There will now be individual challenges on Hell’s Kitche 7/20/10 to which each must show their creativity but still, at the end, one will be eliminated.

It will be another tensed episode in Hell’s Kitchen on Tuesday as the pressure stand out more intense than ever.  Chef Ramsay will be introducing the final six to the culinary students and the contestants must craft a picture-perfect dish to impress them and of course, Chef Ramsay.

The chefs struggle and got confused when asked to prepare a difficult dish on the menu.  Also expect a total meltdown during dinner service as Chef Ramsay insists that the contestants continually switch stations.

Who won’t survive the pressure and be kicked off or eliminated?  Be back here on Tuesday as we’ll try to have live updates or you guys to know who gets eliminated on Hell’s Kitchen July 20, 2010.  The results will be here.

Updates:  Ed eliminated in PART 1; Jason eliminated in PART 2!


The final six are under scrutiny more than ever before says Chef Ramsay and introduces them to the culinary students

Dinner service begins:

Benjamin is really being an ass telling Autumn to get out of his way, but then, Karma is on his way since he dropped the chicken and Autumn was smiling!

Ed has made a lots of mistakes with the entree, that is a halibut.  They couldn’t make the entrees out because of him so the chefs were asked to stop.

Chef Ramsay told Benjamin he has ruined his night.  He asked Benjamin and Ed to get out

Best quote for the night?  “I don’t think I’m gonna get my lamb” says one customer.

The VIPs arrived! It’s Whoopi Goldberg and her guests.

Nomination time – Autumn and Ed are nominated; Chef Ramsay picked Autumn to say since according to him, she gets better.


The chefs are surprised that Autumn is still there.

Challenge begins and the chefs must prepare a dish with less than $10 – the judges are Joaquim Splichal, Dana Bowen, Vern Lakusta.

The judges are willing to pay for the dish: Jay – $28.66; Jason – $16.00; Ben – $25; Autumn – $27.33; Holly – $29.66

Holly wins the challenge!

Dinner service begins – Ben tries to take the lead but he was slammed down by the chef asked by Chef Ramsay to check on them, LOL!

Nomination time – Ben and Jason nominated!  Jason was sent home!

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