Who was kicked off Hell’s Kitchen July 27, 2010 7/27/10

It’s down to the final four on Hell’s Kitchen July 27, 2010.  The competition gets more intense since the remaining contestants want to be in the competition until the very end but one of them won’t make it.  Who won’t make it and be asked to remove the jacket on Hell’s Kitchen 7/27/10?

The men make a pacts to get rid of the women, but with so much at stake, double crossing and deceit ruled the day.  And When a relationship goes to far, Chef Ramsay steps in and two chefs have to make the most difficult decision of their lives. Chef Ramsay will also accuse one of the final four of sabotaging the dinner service. That will be next time in a very emotional episode on Hell’s Kitchen airing Tuesday night.

Meanwhile, the challenge for the night is for the chefs to become a teacher to the bachelors who have no cooking experience. They must teach their pupils how to prepare a delicious monkfish.

It will only be a one hour episode since a new show by Gordon Ramsay will have its premiere.  Anyway, who will be the final three to remain in the competition for next week? As always, we’ll have live updates when we can and post here who got eliminated on Hell’s Kitchen July 27, 2010 results.

Updates: No one was eliminated! Double elimination next week!

Chef Ramsay has a special treat for the final four – he made a dish for them.  The dish Chef Ramsay made will be recreated by the final four.  They are going to be a teacher to four good looking guys who absolutely knew nothing about cooking.  The challenge is to know the contestants’ teaching abilities.

Everyone did a good job but there should only be one winner for the challenge and that was Jay and Rick!

Dinner service – Autumn was asked if she was sabotaging due to a raw fish

Jay was asked to nominate two contestants

Autumn and Ben were nominated

Chef Ramsay’s decision is to eliminate no one!

The final four’s loved ones visited them

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