Who was kicked off Hell’s Kitchen July 6, 2010 7/6/10

Eight chefs remain at the start of Hell’s Kitchen July 6, 2010 episode, but at the end, only six will remain in the competition. Two challenges and two dinner services will be seen once again in the two-part episode of Hell’s Kitchen 7/6/10.

The first challenge is a blind tasting challenge is up for the eight chefs as Chef Ramsay puts their taste bud to test.  They will asked to identify foods and we’ll find out who among them are good in identifying flavors.  Expect tensions to arise as the contestants feel the pressure in order to not be nominated for elimination.

The first dinner service will be for the teams to create an original menu while the second dinner service will have the team combined into one for a dinner theater.

Who will get nominated?  Will Chef Ramsay override the nomination and eliminate who he thinks isn’t performing well?  As always, we’ll try to post live updates so please bookmark this page.  Find out who gets eliminated on Hell’s Kitchn July 6, 2010 results.

Updates: PART 1 – Fran was sent home; PART 2 – Nilka was sent home;


– Blind tasting challenge

Blue team got

Fran couldn’t taste any – got zero

Automn was able to identify one

Ed  wasn’t able to identify one

Holly was able to identify one

Benjamin was able to identify one

Jason was able to identify one

Nilka got one

Jay got two

Blue team got four, winning the challenge (VIP pass to Sea World) while Red team only got three

Red team’s menu got mixed reviews – Holly’s dessert is perfect

Maybe the Blue team enjoyed it so much at the Sea World and forgot that they still are on the challenge.  Each team was tasked to create their own menu and Blue team’s menu disappoints Chef Ramsay, so they had to adjust their menu.

Dinner service – customers get to pick either Blue menu or Red menu

At first, both team’s menu were ordered but later on, not much order for Red teams, more for the Blue team.

Autumn cooked a raw pork and asked to talk to the customer about it.

One from each team will be eliminated

Fran and Autumn are nominated

Fran got eliminated!

Autumn was asked to go back to the Red team


Dinner Service – team combined

Nilka was angry after Chef asked her to get out and take her jacket off!

Nilka went back asking Chef to bring her back, but Chef didn’t give in to her

Chef Ramsay talked to her and said goodbye.

Chef says it was the best dinner service ever.

Autumn gets nominated again together with Ed

Both were in the final six!

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  2. Happy Birthday Chef Gordon Ramsay and yes Hell’s kitchen really rocks and every time I watch the show I crave to be on it and wish I could get some attention so I could be part of casting crew 9 I COULD LEAVE AT A DROP OF THE HAT AND JUST LIKE THAT AND OF COURSE TRYING TO GET YOU MORE INFORMATION.

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  5. As far as the show it is wonderful and fantastic and outstanding and I have gathered massive respect for the show.

  6. 3 Wonderful Shows and they are fantastic and again what really moves me is that you never know what is going to happen, Some people are limited and some people know so much and can do so many things and what I Love about this shows is that you have to pull a Rabbit out of your Hat and you have to keep coming up with tricks and as the show goes on…There are twist and turns and that is smokin hot and spicy and yummy T.V. I love the fact that you are there to please each and every person each and every day.

  7. The food looks great and I Bet it smells great and when some one loves the food and I mean any of this Judges they will eat it until it is gone and seeing that and looking at this men and woman who are hard to please, Gives you a feeling of walking on a cloud and it makes you light up from the inside out and glow until you go to sleep.

  8. The People that come to Hell’s kitchen are special and Rich and can have the best and that your pleasing people that can’t cook or they simply don’t have time to cook and The People you cook for are friends of the people who are trying you out and that means you treat each person like gold or like white gold or Kings and Queens and that is the reason they pick each person for the show and know I see that they want you give all you have to make sure that each person is treated with respect and kindness and make sure that each dish that is put up there is something You would eat yourself?

  9. Thank God Chef Gordon Mother is okay and so He could have another mothers day and I thank god that some one was around and she was taken care of fast, She is a blessing and she has love and care in her family. A Mother love is like no other and no one will ever love you as much as any one on this earth.

  10. It is lovely to Wish you well and Wish you a Happy New Year and this is Great to be able to come to the library and spend an hour and half saying Hello to you and your wonderful outstanding and hard working staff in the world and They all have one thing in common is that they all stand together as one.

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  12. Dear Hell’s kitchen cooking with wines are great for veggies and some meats but it is taste and flavor that give it that little kick.

  13. Sharing everything you know in the kitchen is the most giving thing in this world. To share one self and to open up to each and every person that looks in your Cook Books Chef Gordon Ramsay opens up for what your taste and flavor and yummyness is all about and of course grind up spices really add color and taste that really melts in your mouth. But what really moves me is that you can make your meal look so very attractive and lovely, That it is a shame to break into it.

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