Who was kicked off Hell’s Kitchen June 15, 2010 6/15/10

Hell’s Kitchen 7 June 15, 2010 episode 3 will have the chefs preparing lunch and dinner service.  At the end, find out who gets eliminated in Hell’s Kitchen 6/15/10, whether Chef Ramsay will override those who were nominated or not.

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For lunch, the chefs will be serving lunch to the members of University of Souther California Trojan Marching Band and Song Girls.  As always, the competition heats up during dinner service.  One contestant from the red team gets burned.  More tensions arise as the teams prepare based from the ingredients that will be determined through a roll of the dice.  We’ll find out who are the creative ones in Hell’s Kitchen 7 June 15, 2010 episode.

Which team will lose the challenge and who will be nominated for elimination in Hell’s Kitchen 6/15/10?  The results will be posted here so please check back for it.  Watch out for who got eliminated Hell’s Kitchen 2010 June 15th.

Update:  No one Jamie was eliminated or kicked off tonight even if it is at the first part of a two hour episode.  In the second part, Autumn was sent to the the Blue team while Scott to the Red team.

Thanks to the comments below for correcting me. Jamie was eliminated at the first of the two-part episode.

10 thoughts on “Who was kicked off Hell’s Kitchen June 15, 2010 6/15/10

  1. was it our tv that cut off the ending bc of the president speaking or did they leave the elimination up for next episode…all we saw was autum & scott be put up for elimination. who got eliminated of those two or did he eliminate someone else?? or is it going to be on next week…..SO FRUSTERATED!!! just watched hells kitchen for 2 hours & dont know who got kicked off!!! PLEASE HELP ME BY ANSWERING MY QUESTION…if u know 🙂 thanks!!

  2. Not true in the first hour Fran and Jamie went up for elimination and Jamie went home. So someone did go home tonight.

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