Who was kicked off Hell’s Kitchen June 22, 2010 6/22/10

The 12 remaining contestants compete in Hell’s Kitchen June 22, 2010 which is another two-hour episode.  Who gets eliminated in Hell’s Kitchen 6/22/10 after being nominated for elimination?  Will Autumn or Scott be finally kicked off this time?

The episode last week concluded with team switching, Autumn and Scott were asked to take both of their jackets off and told them that they will be placed to each other’s teams.  So they were given another chance.  Will they perform better in Hell’s Kitchen June 22, 2010, or will both be sent home?

The chefs will be tasked to prepare pork-themed dishes with their chosen ingredients as it is barbecue time in Hell’s Kitchen for the first time.  For dinner service, customers as always are demanding and expect some tempers flare.

Who will get nominated in Hell’s Kitchen 6/22/10?  One contestant will be sent home and expect another twist once again, or will it be two this time as another twist is about to happen?  Anyway, find out on this post who got eliminated in Hell’s Kitchen June 22, 2010.

Updates: The show is going. Maria was sent home in part 1 while Scott was sent home in part 2.


Red Team for the dinner service.  Lots of pressure among the team who seem to forgot to work as a team.  Fran did a good job for making appetizer but someone while Siobhan undercooked a meat.  Overall, Chef Ramsay was disgusted with the team’s performance.

It’s now turn for the Blue Team for the dinner service – Jason went into heated argument with the Chef after mixing fries with chicken while frying!

After the dinner service, Chef Ramsay says it was the worst service the teams have done.

Blue team won the challenge so one from Red team needs to be sent home.  Fran nominated Maria and Nilka.  At the end, Maria got eliminated!


The chef tests the teams’ creativity by tasking them to create a dish consisting of the five mother sauces.  Chef Ramsay’s mother and wife were the guest judges.  It was a tie between the teams when the judges tasted the dishes but Chef Ramsay broke the tie, making the Blue team win because of Jason’s dish.

Dinner service time – the Red screw up again.  Siobhan cooks the pasta like she’s cooking fries.  Meanwhile, on the Blue team’s side, Salvatore lost Chef Ramsay’s trust after putting the rice straight on what he’s cooking without telling the Chef.

After the service, Red team lost again.  Thus one of them will be sent home once again.  The nominated contestants are Fran, Siobhan and Scott.  Chef Ramsay couldn’t take it anymore and eliminated Scott!

Benjamin was asked to go to the Red team since Chef though a leader is missing on that team.

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