Who was kicked off Hell’s Kitchen June 29, 2010 6/29/10

Another team switching happens as Benjamin joins the Red team in Hell’s Kitchen June 29, 2010 episode. He’s going to lead the girls’ team so let’s find out in Hell’s Kitchen 6/29/10 if the Red team will be in harmony this time now the a leader is with them.

With Scott and Maria sent home in the last episode, only ten chefs remain in the competition but at the end of the two-hour episode, it will be trimmed down to eight.  All hell breaks loose as Benjamin tries to take over the Red kitchen while Jay gets injured which could take him out of the competition for good.  At the end, a shocking result again is about to happen.  What could it be?

Want to find out who gets eliminated on Hell’s Kitchen June 29, 2010 results?  Please do check back this post as live updates will be here on Tuesday night like in the last episode if you cannot watch it on TV.

Updates:  Show on-going – Salvatore was sent home in Part 1.  Siobhan was sent home in Part 2.

PART 1 – too bad I wasn’t able to start the show

Jake cut his hand and gets dizzy!

Chef Ramsay briefs the teams regarding the importance of the dinner service tonight, which is for the golden anniversary party.

Benjamin grabs the Red kitchen and worked on his own, not wanting any help from the girls

One from the Red team should be eliminated – Fran and Siobhan nominated.

Chef Ramsay’s decision is ask Siobhan and Fran back on the Red team.  The twist is, Salvatore was eliminated!  “Salvatore has a big heart.  Too bad he couldn’t cook with it”, Chef Ramsay says.


It will be a Gourmet challenge for the contestants.  They have 30 minutes to create gourmet sandwich.

The Red team criticized Siobhan’s sandwich, which turned out to be great.

Blue team won the challenge, the Red team were left to create peanut butter and jelly

Chef Ramsay argues with a customer!

The Red team made raw chicken again

Everyone is frustrated

There is no winning team.  Both teams must come up with two to nominated

Siobhan and Fran, Ed and Autumn were nominated

Siobhan was eliminated

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