Who was kicked off MasterChef August 18, 2010 Results 8/18/10

MasterChef August 17, 2010 August 18, 2010 will be a two-hour episode. The top 14 contestants are back this Tuesday night to compete and show their cooking talent. At the end of an episode, one will be eliminated. Who will be kicked off on MasterChef 8/17/10 8/18/10? We’ll find out soon.

The contestants will be split into teams, the read team and the blue team. For the first challenge, they are going to feed an army while the second challenge will have them cooking live at a wedding.

Two worst performing from the losing team will be going on a face-off challenge, but depending on the number of contestants, there might be a challenge where all from the losing team will compete to avoid elimination.

So who will be the first contestant that will be eliminated? Stay tuned for the live updates. We’ll try to bring you what’s happening during the show to find out who was eliminated on MasterChef August 17, 2010 August 18, 2010 results.

Updates: Part 1 – Sheena Zadeh and Avis White were eliminated; Part 2; Jenna Hamiter was eliminated.

Mystery box challenge – contestants has to cook a dish with the ingredients inside the box. They have to cook in 45 minutes. The box contains parsley, cabbage, tomatoes, apples, bottle of cognac, cinnamon , chocolate and pork.

Judges will only taste the three most enticing dishes.

First dish that will be tasted is from Sheena


They have to feed an army – Red team vs Blue team

Judges will use feedback from the marines to help them decide who wins the challenge; The red team ran out of food (potato).

Blue won the challenge, so the Red team will be facing the elimination challenge. They have to name the correct ingredients to avoid elimination. The one with the least number of ingredients named is eliminated.

Whitney was able to name 12 ingredients out of 20, is safe.

Faruq named 9, is safe.

Jenna named 7, is in danger of being eliminated.

Slim named 8, is safe.

David named 8, is safe.

Sharone named 8, is safe.

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