Who was kicked off MasterChef August 25, 2010 Results 8/25/10

Only eleven aspiring chefs will be seen this Wednesday night on MasterChef August 25, 2010 episode 5.  Another two-hour show will be seen beginning at 8/7 as the home cooks tackle new challenges. Who will be kicked off and sent home at the end of each episode on MasterChef 8/25/10?

The contestants will be making a single cupcake. Sounds easy for those who are cooking masters, right? But for the home cooks, will it be easy as well? Who won’t make it to the next round?

Meanwhile, the contestants will be having a team challenge. They will be cooking for truckers at a truck stop. Those who didn’t win will be facing the pressure test. On this test, like last week, they must name the ingredients from a table of fresh farmers-market finds. Most likely, the one who named the least number of ingredients will be eliminated.

Who will be the contestant/s that will be kicked off Wednesday night? As always, updates on what’s happening during the show will be posted here. Stay tuned for who was eliminated on MasterChef August 25, 2010 results.

Updates: Faruq was sent home; Tony is kicked off;

Part 1

Mystery challenge, contestants has to make a cupcake, Tracy was crying since here cupcake was horrible

Faruq’s, Sharone’s and Whitney’s cupcake selected – all taste good; Sharone won the challenge. He got to choose what everybody else is cooking and he chose “Halibut” dish. He’ll also be making the dish and be pitted against Chef Cat Cora. If his dish is better than hers, he’ll be automatically in the final four, skipping all the remaining challenges. Can he beat her?

Everybody is watching Chef Cat Cora making the halibut dish. After, they are given an hour to prepare the dish.

Sharone wasn’t able to beat Chef Cat Cora, but his dish was wonderful.

In the bottom three are Mike (his fish is not cooked), Slim and Faruq.

Faruq is eliminated!

Part 2

Team challenge up next. Contestants were divided into two, Blue team vs Red team. The first team to get 51 votes win and the losing team will face a taste test.

Blue team has to prepare 100% all beef burger. Same with Red team.

Red team won the challenge!

Blue team is up for tasting challenge

Jake named 11 out of 25;

Tony named 9;

Lee named 10;

Whitney named 10;

Tracy named 10;

Tony was eliminated;

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  1. did u notice that shantal, tony, and lee were not shown in the halibut contest? Do u know if there is a way to view that segment?

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