Who was kicked off MasterChef September 1 2010 Results 9/1/10

Nine contestants remain tonight on MasterChef September 1, 2010, which is the first episode for the month. Two chefs will be eliminated at the end of each episode, which by the way, is another two hour show. Who do you think will be kicked of on MasterChef 9/1/10? Will it be two, or the other one will be non elimination?

Tonight, the remaining contestants will cater a high-end wedding, but problems arise as usual and this time, the main course goes missing. Where could it be hidden? Who’s at fault? Will the judges eliminate the one responsible?

As usual, the losing team will face a pressure test. What could it be this time?

Please be back once again if you couldn’t watch the entire episode tonight. We’ll try to bring updates on each episode here. So find out who was eliminated on MasterChef September 1, 2010 results.

Updates: Slim was eliminated; Tracy and Jake eliminated;


Mystery Box challenge – Lee wins

Invention test – Lee gets to choose the ingredients the rest of the contestants will use. Lee chose passion fruit.

Taste time – the one with the worst dish will be leaving

Highlights – the judges didn’t like the girls’ dishes. Slim’s dish gets thrown in the trash bin.

Best dish – Lee; All girls’ dishes didn’t do well, one of them eliminated; Worst dish – Slim;


Contestants divided into two teams. They will be serving a wedding with 230 guests; Losing team will face pressure test.

Lee gets to pick his team members; Lee, Jake, Mike, Tracy; He didn’t pick Sharone because he’s his competitor.

Red team wins the challenge; Blue team will face pressure test. They have to make fresh pasta with some sauce with it.

Shocking? 2 will be leaving on this episode;

Tracy is eliminated; Jake is eliminated;

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