Who was kicked off MasterChef September 8 2010 Results 9/8/10

The top 6 aspiring chefs will go fishing on the next MasterChef September 8, 2010. What could be the challenges that await the contestants and who will be facing the pressure test? Will two chefs be eliminated at the end of the two-part episode? Will the judges be kind enough not to sent of the chefs home? Who would you want to be eliminated on MasterChef 9/8/10?

The home cooks will go fishing and they will only be allowed to use what they have caught to make a yummy meal. What if one of them didn’t catch any? Who will make the most delicious meal among them? Will it be Lee or Sharone once again? It seems that the guys are a better cook than the girls, especially last week when they where asked to prepare a meal that would seduce the judges. All of the girls’ dish didn’t pass the judges’ taste. Will they do better this time?

We will try to you give as much updates as we can on the episode tonight. Are you excited to learn who was eliminated on MasterChef September 8, 2010 results?

Updates: Mike eliminated. Sharone eliminated.


Mystery Box Challenge winner – Sheetal. She gets to select the ingredients of the next dish, with the theme dessert. Choices are honeys, berries or vanillas. She picked vanilla.

The judges likes Sharone’s and Whitney’s dish.

David made a creme brulee but it’s not a creme brulee though it tastes good

Sheetal’s dish is bad. Same with Lee’s.

Whitney won the challenge. Sheetal, Mike and Lee are in the bottom three. Lee is safe, Mike was eliminated.


Cooks have to fish what they are cooking. Two worst tasting dishes will face pressure test. Whitney has 50 minutes extra since she won the previous challenge.

They have to present to to three food critiques. The critiques will score the dishes.

David’s dish got the highest score, getting a near perfect score – he’s in the final four.

Lee is in the final four. Sheetal is safe too. Sharone and Whitney in the pressure test.

They have to create a souffle.

Sharone is eliminated.

Too bad both of my favorite contestants are pitted against each other. Sharone is a strong contender though.

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