Who was kicked off So You Think You Can Dance July 22, 2010 7/22/10

Only one lady and five guys left in So You Think You Can Dance July 22, 2010 elimination results night.  Who among the remaining dancers will be left when one of them gets eliminated on So You Think You Can Dance 7/22/10?

The judges have decided to eliminate Ashley last week since she is injured and cannot perform for six weeks.  Ashley got injured while practicing for the performance show and wasn’t able to perform, making her automatically in the bottom three. The judges’ decision was the same when Alex also got injured.

So Lauren is the last woman standing and we hope lots of fans will vote for her to stay in the competition.  Meanwhile, it’s Billy Bell’s thrice in a row to be in the bottom three.  Will he be in it again?  Who would you want to be sent home?

Find out on Thursday who was eliminated.  Live updates of the results show will be here as always.

Who got kicked off So You Think You Can Dance 7/22/10 elimination results?


Updates:  Non-elimination tonight so it will be double elimination next week!

Billy Bell automatically in the bottom three!

Lauren Froderman is safe!

Kent Boyd is safe!

Adechike Torbert is safe!

Jose Ruiz in the bottom three!

Robert Roldan in the bottom three!

No one was eliminated!

The judges cannot decide on who they want to sent home.  They couldn’t judge Billy Bell since the guy chose not to perform Wednesday night.  Is it a logical decision?

8 thoughts on “Who was kicked off So You Think You Can Dance July 22, 2010 7/22/10

  1. I agree, I don’t get why he isn’t getting enough votes. He deserves to be there. People are so blatantly bias, it makes me sick!!!

  2. storm was also in my area. why wasn’t billy elimnated because of his injury like the other people–can’t believe robert again in the last three

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