Who was kicked off Top Chef August 11, 2010 Results 8/11/10

It’s Top Chef Restaurant Wars this coming August 11, 2010 episode. Only eight chefs remain in the competition who will do their best to win the Quickfire Challenge. Who will emerge as the winner of the challenges and who will be in the bottom who will be eliminated on Top Chef 8/11/10?

The chefs will be trying to work together and there will be a tag team cook off on Wednesday night. Who will be the chefs together on the team?

The results of the challenge winners will be here, as always. Please check back to find out who was eliminated on Top Chef August 11, 2010 results.


Quickfire Challenge winners: Amanda, Kelly, Kenny, Kevin

Elimination Challenge winners – EVOO team (Ed, Tiffany, Angelo, Alex)

Eliminated: Kenny

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