Who was kicked off Top Chef August 25, 2010 Results 8/25/10

It’s the eleventh episode of Top Chef season 7 and it will be aired tonight, August 25, 2010. Only six chefs remain but one of them will be eliminated at the end of Top Chef 8/25/10. Who will it be? The results will be available soon for those who want to find out.

The title of tonight’s episode is “Making Concessions”. What could be the dishes the chefs will be tasked to create? Will Tiffany won both challenges once again? Who will be eliminated this time?

As always, please check back this post for Top Chef August 25, 2010 results if ever you were not able to watch the full episode tonight.


Rick Moonen was the guest judge for tonight.

Quickfire Challenge Winner: Ed

Elimination Challenge Winner: Ed

Eliminated: Amanda

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