Who was kicked off Top Chef August 4, 2010 8/4/10

With Andrea out, only nine contestants remain on Top Chef August 4, 2010 season 7 episode 8.  It will be trimmed down at the end after the elimination challenge since one will be sent home on Top Chef 8/4/10.  Who will be the next to get booted out?

What challenges lie ahead for the chefs? The title of the next episode is “Foreign Affairs” as the chefs tackle an Ethiopian cuisine. Who will win the challenges, who will make a dish that will be on one of the top entries in the Elimination challenge?

Are you excited to find out who will be kicked off? The results on who was eliminated on Top Chef August 4, 2010 will be posted here.  Please bookmark this page for it.


Quickfire Challenge winner – Tiffany

Elimination Challenge winner – Tiffany

Eliminated – Stephen

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