Who was kicked off Top Chef DC June 23, 2010 6/23/10

Top Chef DC June 23, 2010 episode 2 will have the remaining 16 chefs compete for the next challenge.  One of them will be eliminated on Top Chef 6/23/10 at the elimination challenge, usually it is the one who makes the poorest dish.

John was the first to be kicked off, making a Maple Mousse Napoleon with Crisp Macadamia Nuts and Vanilla Sauce.  Who will follow him and be the next to be sent home on Top Chef 2010 June 23rd?

The title of the next episode is “Back to School”.  What could be the challenges that awaits the chefs?

The results will be here so if you were not able to watch it, then please do check back this post to find out who was eliminated on Top Chef 6/23/10.

Updates:  Jacqueline Lombard was eliminated tonight!

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