Who was kicked off Top Chef July 14, 2010 7/14/10

The next episode of Top Chef season 4 airing July 14, 2010 is titled “Farm Fresh”.  One Quickfire challenge and one Elimination challenge is store for the remaining twelve contestants where one will be kicked off at the end of Top Chef 7/14/10.

Freshness is the theme for the Wednesday episode as the chefs gather crabs for the Quickfire challenge then they will travel to a farm  to get the ingredients for dinner.

Will the winner of the Quickfire challenge won’t get elimination immunity like last week?  Will the elimination challenge be harder that last week, where the chefs were made into teams of two to create an original dish for three main meals for the Hilton?

Two contestants were sent home last week.  Will two again be eliminated on Wednesday?  As always, you can check the results who got kicked off Top Chef July 14, 2010 here.


Ed won the Quickfire challenge

Kenny won the Elimination Challenge

Timothy was eliminated

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