Who was kicked off Top Chef July 21, 2010 7/21/10

It’s a cold war in Top Chef on Wednesday, July 21, 2010 with eleven chefs remaining.  What could be the Quickfire challenge and the Elimination challenge be this time in Top Chef 7/21/10 episode?

If we are going to guess, the dishes will involve ingredients involving cold cuts based from the title, which is “Cold War”.  But let’s just see on Wednesday what will the challenges be and who’ll win those tasks.

Get ready for the mouthwatering dishes once again the chefs are going to prepare.  Aren’t you hoping you can taste one of those?  Anyway, please be back here on Wednesday night for the results who was eliminated on Top Chef July 21, 2010.


Kelly won the Quickfire Challenge

Kevin won the Elimination Challenge

Tamesha was eliminated tonight!

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