Who was kicked off Top Chef July 7, 2010 7/7/10

It’s episode 4 of Top Chef season 7 on July 7, 2010.  Fourteen contestants remain after Tracy got eliminated last week.  Who will be the fourth chef that will be kicked off on top Chef 7/7/10?  Who would you want to kicked out next?

It’s really nice to watch cooking reality series like this one.  Aside from mouthwatering dishes, we get to see new menus and some never heard food created by the chefs.

The chefs created a pie in the Quickfire challenge last week while they made an American picnic for the Elimination challenge. What could be the challenges awaiting the contestants on Wednesday?

Bookmark this page since this will be updated.  If ever you missed this episode, you will still know the results of who was kicked off Top Chef July 7, 2010.


Tamesha and Kenny won the Quickfire Challenge

Kelly and Andrea won the Elimination Challenge

Two got eliminated and they are Lynne and Arnold!

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