Who was kicked off Top Chef June 30, 2010 6/30/10

One chef was eliminated last week so it’s now down to fifteen chefs on Top Chef June 30, 2010.  At the end, during the elimination challenge, one of them will be kicked off.  Who will it be?  Let’s find out in Top Chef 6/30/10 episode 3.

Last week, it was a school themed episode, where the chefs were tasked to prepare sandwiches as kids’ snacks while the other task was to prepare a healthy four course school lunch, still for kids.  Angelo and Tracey won the Quickfire challenge while Kelly won the Elimination challenge.  The one who was sent home was Jacqueline.

In Top Chef season 7 episode 3, it will be summer picnic theme.  What could be cooking?  We’ll find out on Wednesday.

As always, stay tuned for who was kicked off Top Chef June 30, 2010 as the results will be posted when available.


Quickfire Challenge winner is Kenny

Eliminated Challenge winner is Arnold

Tracey was eliminated tonight!

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