Who was kicked off Top Chef September 1 2010 Results 9/1/10

Top Chef September 1, 2010 episode 12 of season 7 will have the chefs face challenges once again. Who do you think will perform worse and be eliminated on Top Chef 9/1/10? The results will be here on this post soon!

The title for tonight’s episode is “Gastro-nauts”. What will be the chefs be doing? Each one of them will select a wine and pair it with their dish. By the way, this will be the last QuickFire challenge this season. Who will win it?

For the next challenge, the remaining chefs will be going to Goddard Space Flight Center to prepare food that can be cryogenically frozen,¬†shipped to the space station, rehydrated, and still manage to be edible. It seems challenging, isn’t it? Who will be the one to win this challenge?

Be back here if you were not able to watch the show and would want to know the results. The Top Chef September 1, 2010 results will be here, as always.


Quickfire Challenge Winner – Angelo

Elimination Challenge Winner – Angelo

Eliminated – Tiffany

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