Who was kicked off True Beauty July 12, 2010 7/12/10

Only four contestants remain on True Beauty July 12, 2010, which is episode 7 of season 2, but after the end of the show, only three will make it to the finale.  Who won’t be making it and be kicked off on True Beauty 7/12/10?

The remaining contestants are Taylor Bills, Amy Schmoldt, Craig Franczyk and Erika Othen.  The challenge for them on the next episode is to be the best blackjack dealer at the high rollers’ table, where the winner will be chosen by the pit boss and be at the finale.  One of these four doesn’t know the rules of the game and one does poor timing.

For the hidden camera challenge, an actress will disguise as a pregnant woman who drinks and smokes.  Will they tell the woman that drinking and smoking is bad for a pregnant lady?

Who would you like to be at the finale? We would like Taylor, Amy and Erika.  That means, we like Craig to be eliminated on Monday, but we’ll find out the results on that night.

Stay tuned again as we try to bring you live updates of what is happening.  Find out who got eliminated on True Beauty July 12, 2010 only here!

Update: After the final four compete, Amy was eliminated!  She was in the bottom two with Craig but after the Face Off, she was sent home.

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