Who was kicked off True Beauty July 5, 2010 7/5/10

It will be True Beauty season 2 episode 6 on July 5, 2010 and the title of this episode on Monday is “Bride in Trouble”.  The contestants are trimmed down and only five beauties remain, three ladies and two guys.  One of them will be eliminated on True Beauty 7/1/10.  Who will it be?

The remaining contestants on True Beauty we will be watching on July 5th are Amy, Craig, Erika, Michelle and Taylor.  Expect a total meltdown to happen after one of them doesn’t get picked to be one of the bridesmaids or groomsmen in three wedding event.  The first lady and guy that gets selected to be in all three weddings is safe.  Who will they be?

For the week’s challenge, a bride’s mother will be saying deprecatory remarks about her daughter’s weight on the day of the wedding.  Some will be sympathizing while others will not and instead, laugh at the bride.  Who will they be?

The results of who won the challenge and who got eliminated on True Beauty July 5, 2010 episode will be posted here.

Updates: Michelle was sent home!

Challenge – Mom zilla saying deprecatory remarks about her daughter.  Check out who show their true colors.

Fail for Michelle – sneaking out

Pass for Craig – consoling the bride

Pass for Erika – saying the bride is gorgeous

Fail for Taylor – laughing as he hears the mom and the bride!

Wedding challenge:

Craig and Michelle get to be selected first

Taylor and Erika get to be selected by the second couple, third couple

Craig and Taylor get selected by the fourth couple – Taylor is safe and won the challenge!

Craig and Amy get selected by the fifth couple – Craig is safe!

Michelle and Erika get selected by the sixth couple – Erika is safe!

Michelle and Amy in the bottom two – Amy broke down and when she asked for a tissue, Craig is really an a-hole, wiping his own face instead of consoling Amy!

Final straw – reject offer to cheat – who accepted? Amy didn’t accept but Michelle accepted the offer!

Michelle got eliminated tonight!

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