Who was kicked off True Beauty June 21, 2010 6/21/10

True Beauty June 21, 2010 episode 4 will have the seven remaining contestants creating an ad campaign.  Who will be eliminated in True Beauty 6/21/10 at the end, whether he or she got disqualified, or was just plainly kicked off after being in the bottom two?

The challenge will be for the seven contestants to create a tasty ad campaign for the Planet Hollywood buffet in a photo shoot.  The feature will be their nearly nude bodies with a selected food items.  The hidden camera test will be about a lost engagement ring.

Who will be getting the highest score by making the most creative campaign?  Who will be getting the lowest scores and be in the bottom two?  Who among the bottom two gets eliminated in True Beauty June 21, 2010 episode?

The results will be here so stay tuned for who got eliminated on True Beauty 2010 June 21st.

Update:  Erica won the challenge while David and Craig were in the bottom two.

David was sent home tonight.

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