Who was kicked off True Beauty June 28, 2010 6/28/10

Only six contestants will be seen in True Beauty June 28, 2010 episode and it’s time for some tour.  No, the contestants won’t be acting like tourists.  Instead, they will be the tour bus guides.  Who will pass as a tour guide and win the challenge?  Who will be in the bottom two and eventually eliminated in True Beauty 6/28/10?

The contestants must get themselves familiar on different places in Vegas as they will be tasked to give some information on the places the visitors are seeing.  Some of them will ran out of adjectives and words to say about some of the places.  Who will they be?

The real challenge is that the contestants will be offered the chance to change their score.  Who will give in to temptation and change it?  Who will be honest and decides to keep it as is?

The results of who was eliminated on True Beauty June 28, 2010 will be here so please stay tuned for it.


The winner of the challenge is Taylor while Liz and Michelle were in the bottom two.

Liz was eliminated tonight.  She walked out before the she was told the reason why.

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