Who was voted off Big Brother August 1, 2013 evicted 8/1/13?

It’s another Big Brother 15 eviction episode tonight. It’s already week 5 results and one of the three nominated house guests will go home. Who do you will it be? Howard, Amanda or Candice?

Week 5’s HoH is Aaryn. It’s actually her second time to be the head of household. If during her first win as HoH she nominated Elissa and Helen. This time, she nominated Howard and Spencer while America, who’s the MVP again, nominated Amanda. However, during the veto competition, Spencer won. Thus, he saved himself from being on the block.

The veto players were Howard, Spencer, Aary, Amanda, Candice and Jessie, by the way,

Guess who’s the replacement nominee when Spencer used the veto to save himself? It’s Candice.

Spencer was trying to save Howard and tried to come up with a plan to evict Candice instead. Will he be successful and have Candice be voted out instead? Aaryn wants Candice out and GinaMarie is willing to vote her out. Jessie also wants her gone. Could she really be the one to go tonight?

Who do you think will it be? Candice or Howard?

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Update: Howard gets evicted! GinaMarie is the new HoH!


Helen votes Howard

Ellisa votes Howard

Spencer votes Candice

McCrae votes Howard

Andy votes Howard

Judd votes Howard

GinaMarie votes Howard

Jessie votes Howard



– This is a last houseguest standing competition so we might not know the results in a while but will update this post as soon as there’s a result.

– The first 3 houseguests who will fall from their barrel will get to pick from 3 cases, one of which has $5,000.


6 thoughts on “Who was voted off Big Brother August 1, 2013 evicted 8/1/13?

  1. I really hope Amanda gets back colored. That would be totally awesome. She thinks she is under the radar and is such a dictator and a control freak. I’m hoping Helen goes up next week along with aaryn.

  2. ^ Me too…I hope to gawd they all had the common sense to evict Amanda. Then next Helen. This is NOT the way Big Brother should be played, 4 people telling the other HG who to nominate, & evict!

  3. ^ Me too! I hope to gawd they all use their common sense, & evict Amanda, then next Helen. This is NOT how Big Brother is supposed to be played! With Four other HG telling the rest of the HG who to nominate, & evict!?!?

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