Who was voted off Big Brother August 11, 2011 evicted 8/11/11?

Big Brother August 11, 2011 eviction night results, where we know for sure what will happen. Are there any twists that is going to happen? Will the plans on who will the house guests vote off be changed? It’s going to be exciting and can’t happen to know will be sent home. Live updates on the result of who gets voted out of Big Brother 8/11/11 eviction will be provided.

Rachel and Lawon are nominated but for some reason, Lawon volunteered that he be voted off thinking there will be some twists again. So there’s no surprise here, he’ll be leaving. The real excitement is who America votes to be back inside the house. Will it be Keith, Cassi, Dominic or Brendon? He or she have will have to battle it out with Lawon.

Do you think Kalia did something sensible this week letting Rachel stay or she should have let Lawon stay instead? If Dominic or Cassi gets back then the Kalia and Daniele gets another alliance and Daniele will be very happy. What if there will be more twists?

Who will be the next HoH? Will the vets take control again? Find out who’s next who was voted off Big Brother August 11, 2011 results. Updates during the show will be posted as well.

Update: Lawon got voted off; Brendon wins America’s vote; Brendon is back! Lawon got evicted; Daniele wins HoH!!!!!

Jordan voted Lawon

Jeff voted Lawon

Porsche voted Lawon

Daniele voted Lawon

Adam voted Lawon

Lawon battle it out with the winner of America’s vote to return;

Over 2M votes cast – Brendon wins with more than 1M vote;

Brendon wins against Lawon – he’s back inside the house;

21 thoughts on “Who was voted off Big Brother August 11, 2011 evicted 8/11/11?

  1. BB has always been one of the best reality shows on, but this is worst season ever. I can’t stand the two faced backstabbing, liar Shelly. I know how you have to play bb but, I hate to see someone like Shelly profit for being the worst person I have ever seen. I know she has to be like that in real life, or she couldn’t be so backstabbing. I would not ever want to have any business dealing with her, she does not think anything about lying. People treat her like a friend and she just lies to them, and turns around and calls nearly everyone else a liar, Well, I feel better at least all my friends see what a cheat she is, they don’t like her either. Well, I would like to see Dom come back, or Callie but not Brendon.

  2. Didn’t you hear? Rachel told America that she wasnt going to cry anymore and that she was ready to play the game!!!

    I’m confused because hasn’t she been playing the game the whole time.. or was this just for show!!!

  3. IM dying to know. Who was voted off, and who is coming back to challenge that person. Please let me know people.

  4. WHO LIKES BRENDON?! NOOOO! 🙁 He is already cocky enough now he thinks America looovvves him!

    When will we find out HOH? I missed that because I was so sad!

  5. Dani won the HOH for this week…So the Blessing & the Curse Continues…. Dani = winning HOH a Blessing… Brendon coming back into the BB House = A Curse!

  6. I thought BB screwed up this time this time..I don’t even like Jeff or jordon anymore..
    .. I can’t even stand hearing Rachel’s voice..l..Will try watch again next summer..
    Good Luck Dani…You Go Girl !!!!!!!!!!

  7. Brendon returns. Gee, what a shock (har har). Our BB viewing group predicted this exact scenario (Rachel stays, Brendon returns) when the twist was announced. How? Because folks BB is a SCRIPTED reality show and if this doesn;t finally convince you nothing will. Half our group pledged to boycott the reason of this BB season of our plot-guess came true. And since it did…bye bye Big Brother. You should rename yourself the “Brendon and Rachel Show”. This season sucks due to the veteran vs. newbie concept. Its no longer the same show.

  8. Ugggh…typos. Should have been: “Half our group pledged to boycott the REST (not reason) of this BB season…” and “IF” not (of) our guess came true. Anyhow who cares. We are now former BB fans. MAYBE we’ll try again next summer.

  9. I really like the concept of the show whether or not it is scripted or not. It has been entertaining for the most part, especially since there isn’t too much to compete with it on Wednesday nights; however, I hated watching Rachel on the show last season (wayyyyy too much drama for reality tv (seriously)) and with her back again this season, it has been very difficult to sit through the show each week. If she comes back for another season, I’m done with BB as I cannot sit through another season with her fake crying and her constant whining all the time.

  10. where do i start..rachel is a whinning pain n da u no where. n y as long as everythings goin jeff jordan brendon n rachel’s way they happy go lucky. but no soon as dani n khalia wins omg its a big problem.(shut up) n lord jeff wat is this im puttin a target on ur(khalia) bak. bb 101 the people runnin da house uses the suckups to vote off people they need gone. wen all those r gone..u suckups r no longer needed. (duh) so big ups to dani fa not givin a darn for goin up against whinning rachel, p—- whipped brendon, and aint trying to marry jordan…jeff

  11. Honestly, I never thought I’d say this, but I actually feel sorry for Brendon. If Rachel is telling the truth – that she and Brendon have not been separated for a year, and everytime they are apart she cries and whines like a puppy left home alone – he has a very long, hard life ahead with that clinging vine. I feel like the audience is suffocating whenever she’s on screen; I wonder how long it will take Brendon to feel the same way.

  12. # 14…I totally agree with you. Big Brother 13 should have Been Totally Made up of Newbies this season. If they wanted to do an All-Star show of BB, it should have been all made up of past House Guest

    Why did they bring back Jeff & Jordan who BOTH walked away from their season of BB with Money in their pockets!

    And for my Money they brought back Rachel, & Brendon too soon! They were just on the Show last Year…My Gawd!

    This is totally a scripted show, because I don’t believe for a moment that over a Million People voted to bring Brendon back on the Show. Most people I know are disgusted by him! Brendon is a internet showing “junk” freak…smh…

  13. Personally, I find the worst people on this show to be Shelly, and Porsche, and am so glad Brandon came back on the show. I would have been extremely disappointed if Dominic had come back. Then there is Dani, who decided to stab her alliance in the back way too soon. Everyone playing the game has to pick and choose who to be in alliance with, but as soon as E Dick left, Dani got either power hungry, or boy crazy. Scripted… I don’t know about that. I think that would be a scam, and illegal. Back in the day a quiz show was squashed, when a big money giveaway program got caught cheating when answers were given to contestants.

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