Who was voted off Big Brother August 12, 2010 evicted 8/12/10?

The showmance is over for Rachel and Brendon as one of them will be voted out of Big Brother August 12, 2010 episode. Well, maybe at least for now since one of them will be in the jury house and they would be together again after another one is eliminated in the next weeks. Are you excited to find out who gets eliminated on Big Brother 8/12/10?

Britney didn’t use the PoV. Thus, it would be either Rachel or Brendon who will be sent home Thursday. The two think that Brendon will be voted out and that’s what Matt and Ragan want to pretend. They want to pretend that Brendon will be evicted but then, they would shock Rachel and send her home on Thursday night.

Well, most people inside the house want Rachel out so most likely she’ll get a vote of 6-0. If Brendon will stay, Enzo wants him to win the HoH competition, which might be another quiz game by the way. He thinks that Brendon will nominate Britney and Ragan if ever he is the HoH.

Who would you want to stay inside the Big Brother house? We’d like Rachel evicted as well, like the house guests. How about you? Anyway, please bookmark this page for live updates on what is happening during the show. Find out who was voted off Big Brother August 12, 2010 results here.

Updates: Rachel is evicted (6-0); Brendon won HoH

Recap of the past week is shown

Enzo voted out Rachel

Britney voted out Rachel

Kathy voted out Rachel

Ragan voted out Rachel

Lane voted out Rachel

Hayden voted out Rachel

Julie Chen told Rachel this might not be the last time she sees the Big Brother House.

HoH competition – survivor type

chickens on the loose to mess with the house guests untangling the ropes

Brendon in the lead

Whoa! Brendon wins HoH!

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