Who was voted off Big Brother August 16, 2012 evicted 8/16/12?

The much awaited part each week in Big Brother will be airing tonight! It’s eviction time once again and it’s either Wil or Joe to leave the house. Who will be voted off between these two?

Frank is the HoH and he nominated Wil and Joe with Joe as the target – at first. Joe was the original target and the alliance changed their target to Wil. How did that happen? It’s Wil’s own fault though since he told Boogie and Frank he knows there’s a big group of people that are in alliance. But what trigger his fate is that he didn’t tell Frank and Boogie who his target will be if he wins HoH. Thus, the alliance shifted their target to Wil.

During the PoV competition with Frank, Wil, Joe, Shane, Jenn, Boogie and Ashley as the players, Frank won the power of veto. Unlike last week in which Danielle changed the nominations, Frank decided to keep the nominations the same. That means, the coaches are still gaining control inside the house. Would have wished the coaches are out of the house and let the newbies play the game on their own?

If Dan manipulated Danielle last week, Boogie manipulated Frank this week, in a way. Frank planned to backdoor Dan but Boogie said it’s better to keep Dan around for now. Thus, Frank didn’t change the nominations.

Will the house guests change their plan and vote out Joe instead of Wil?

Anyway, live updates during the show will be posted, as always. While waiting for the results, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook. Who gets voted off Big Brother August 16, 2012 results? Who is the next HoH? Are you hoping that the next HoH doesn’t belong to the alliance which include the veterans?

Update: Wil has been voted out! Shane is the new HoH!


Ashley – Joe

Boogie – Will

Danielle – Will

Jenn – Joe

Dan – Will

Britney – Will

Shane – Will

Ian – Will



– Boogie won $10,000

– Britney is safe this week. She had the Safety filled.

– No Have-Nots this week

– Shane wins HoH!

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