Who was voted off Big Brother August 18, 2011 evicted 8/18/11?

Big Brother August 18, 2011 eviction night results might be a repeat of what happened two weeks ago. But if we are wrong, the one who’s going out of the house could be Shelly. So what’s going to happen tonight? A always, we’ll provide live updates on who gets voted out of Big Brother 8/18/11 eviction. Results to be here.

Daniele as HoH, Brendon and Shelly as the nominees. We are not sure at first on who might be leaving but after yesterday, we’re pretty sure it’s Brendon. Brenchel had an argument with Jeff and Jordan. Jeff talked to Rachel telling her he and Jordan are going to vote for Bendon to be evicted, unless they will get Adam on their side, which is unlikely. The argument started and Jordan joined in the fun.

If Brendon gets to be evicted, it will seem as if nothing happened. Nothing exciting happened the past week. What if it’s Cassi or Dominic who went back? Could things might have changed inside the house? We’ll never know. But we’re excited to know if Brendon leaves and Rachel wins HoH, it’s going to be exciting and we’ll find out tonight.

Again, the house guest who was voted off Big Brother August 18, 2011 results will be posted as well as HoH competition results and any other updates for tonight’s episode.

Update: Brendon got voted offf; Jeff is the new HoH; Thanks to commenter Brandon for the updates!

Rachel voted Shelly

Kalia voted Brendon

Porsche voted Brendon

Adam voted Brendon

Jeff voted Brendon

Jordan voted Brendon

HoH next

– no winner yet, Jeff in the lead

read on the comments to know who’s on the lead. we can’t tell yet but it’s pretty close.

89 thoughts on “Who was voted off Big Brother August 18, 2011 evicted 8/18/11?

  1. it just started for me but i am leaving and would like to know who won because going to the mountains no internet

  2. Yes he is thank you Brandon; just fell a sleep in my chair for a few minutes 🙂 gess I’m just getting to old to stay up and hang out anymore!

  3. Jordan is from my hometown and went to my high school but graduated before I went there, I waited on her uncle last week and he talked about how he couldn’t watch Big Brother because she was on it haha. She’s very sweet and represents NC very well! She worked at the same chick fil a I worked at a few years ago also. You go Jordan! We’re rooting for you back home!

  4. Aw, i love jordan she is such a sweet girl, and is very kind hearted! I would do anything to meet that girl <3 i've been a huge fan ever since she was on the other episode 🙂

  5. im still happy dat jeff won i was getting ready and watching the live feeds at the same time because im from maui and im going out wit my friends because we won our 3rd game in a roll last night i go to maui high so our standings is 3-0

  6. I hope he puts danielle and kalia. if one of then wins put porshe up…porshe is so pointless…like no one remembers that she is even in this game.

  7. Jordon is very close to being retarded. She is severely mentally challenged. I don’t see anyway that she and Jeff could stay married because she will constantly be a source of shame to him, and just think of any kids they might have. She is sweet but dumb, real dumb. No, you are wrong Dani is playing a wise game. I am hoping she wins because I have seen Jeff and Jordon on too many shows already and Brandon and Rachel are too psycho to like. I am disappointed in this season’s Big Brother. It was unfair that Dani’s partner Dick had to leave and she did not get another partner. When that is factored in she is playing a pretty good game of survival. Shelly is a loud mouthed wacked out witch, and Adam is, well, WHAT?

  8. Glad to hear that Brenden is off Big Brother again. I hope this is final. I don’t like it when any house guest voted off is allowed to return. I had stopped watching Big Brother because I suspected that Brenden would return and of course he did. I knew then that I would stop watching the show for this season. I was surprised to learn that he was voted right back off so soon. I can watch again hoping that Rachel will be the next to go. I think the new players were a sad bunch this year. They are not competetive and like Shelley, are not game players. Just hangers on. Not a very exciting Big Brother this year for me. I have grown very sick of Rachel and Brenden dominating week after week. They have no real competetion except Danielle and she couldn’t find a strong alliance.

  9. Jeff wants to keep Rachel – the jury will hate her if it turns out she’s sitting next to him or Jordan at the end.
    Dani claims that she’s back with Jeff and Jordan. If I was Jeff I’d test her loyalty and put Kalia and Porshe on the block and tell Dani that Kalia has to go.

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