Who was voted off Big Brother August 19, 2010 evicted 8/19/10?

It is going to be an Big Brother August 19, 2010 eviction night as the House Guests are surely unsuspisicous of what is going to happen this Thursday, well except for Matt. An exciting week as someone will be put on the block when Matt uses the diamond PoV. Who will it be and have the highest chance of being voted out of Big Brother 8/19/10?

We all know that current Matt and Lane are nominated, after Ragan won the PoV and saved himself. When Matt is allowed to use the diamond PoV and nominate another House Guest, who will he put on the block? Will it be Kathy, or Britney?

It surely is exciting to watch as the House Guests get shocked this Thursday night. If Kathy is nominated, she sure is going to follow Rachel in the jury house. But what about if it’s Britney? Will the votes be split?

As always, live blogging of the updates during the show will be here. So bookmark this page and find out who was voted off Big Brother August 19, 2010 results as well as who is the next HoH.

Updates: Kathy is evicted 8/19/10; Britney won HoH! Double eviction next week!

Show has started, recaps from the past week is shown

Enzo got a message from the saboteur – saying “I know your secret”. He tells, Kathy and everybody else except Brendon

Everybody was asked if they believe the saboteur is still in the house and all agreed. Why didn’t Julie tell them that Ragan is the saboteur?

Matt about to use the Diamond PoV

Matt saved himself, Ragan looked so happy! Everyone shocked!

Matt put Kathy as the replacement nominee!

Lane and Kathy nominated – poor girl

Hayden voted out Kathy!

Enzo voted out Kathy!

Ragan voted out Kathy! (hate him)

Matt voted out Kathy!

Britney voted out Kathy!

No goodbye message for Kathy?

HoH next – quiz competition

Ragan and Hayden out

Matt out

Lane out, Enzo and Britney left

Britney won HoH

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