Who was voted off Big Brother August 2, 2012 evicted 8/2/12?

It’s another Big Brother 14 eviction night and tonight, one of the nominated house guests will be leaving the Big Brother house. Who do you think will be eliminated? Will it be Frank or Joe?

As we all know, Shane, who is the HoH nominated Joe and Ashley initially. Since he also won the PoV competition, he made the decision to replace Ashley with Frank as the nominee. Frank was surprised to be put on the block since he got a deal with Shane. If he’s surprised, Boogie was shocked while Janelle was thrilled. Frank thought he’s just the pawn and that Joe was the real target. However, he is the real target and not Joe. Well, will Frank be really going home or it will be Joe? What do you think will happen tonight?

Meanwhile, there’s no showmance yet on the show. Are you surprised or are you still waiting for it to happen? Danielle likes Shane but the feeling is not mutual. Shane already told Danielle that he is not interested in her and does not even want her to touch him. However, the girl is dense and still did not get it. Is it good that there’s no showmance this season?

Anyway, the HoH competition tonight will be the first endurance competition so expect that the new HoH won’t be announced before the episode ends. Who will be this week’s HoH? Will it be one of the boys, or will it be one of the ladies?

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Update: The game has been reset. The coaches enter the game. Everyone will battle it out for the HoH. Danielle wins HoH!

The coaches are given the chance to enter the game. If the coaches agree, there will be no eviction tonight and everyone will battle it out tonight for the title of HoH. If they choose to remain as coaches, the show continues but some evicted house guest will have the chance to return to the game. Who they are and how it will affect the coaches will be revealed at that time.

Britney goes first to the diary room. She seems undecided but presses the button. It’s official, coaches enter the game.

Boogie didn’t accept the offer, didn’t press the button.

Dan presses the button.

Janelle presses the button and thanks America.

Julie announces the decision to the house guests.


HOH competition – Walk the Plank

Boogie is the first one out

Jenn is out

Joe follows next


Danielle wins HoH

4 thoughts on “Who was voted off Big Brother August 2, 2012 evicted 8/2/12?

  1. Big Brother is sooooooo Rigged, thats why I don’t vote for anything on that show anymore…Its already been pre-determined by Allison G.

  2. Of course it is rigged. BB is a SCRIPTED program. The winner is pre-selected before the game begins. All fo this showmance and drama is part of the script.

  3. ell it used to be just the house guest play and the producers had nothing to do with it… but these past couple of seasons sucked ass!!!!

  4. Big Brother is not rigged. My hubby, my kids & I have been watching it for years. I love watching Big Brother. I look forward to it every summer…..

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