Who was voted off Big Brother August 21, 2014 evicted 8/21/14?

It’s Big Brother 16 live eviction show tonight! Once again, it will be live as we found out who among the nominated houseguests gets evicted. Plus, the houseguests are in for a surprise as they don’t know that a Jury member will return.

As a recap of this week’s happenings, Derrick and Frankie won the HoH. Being the HoHs, Derrick nominated Christine and Donny while Frankie nominated Caleb and Cody. But during the Battle of the Blocks, Christine and Donny won, so Derrick has to step down as the HoH.

Meanwhile, during the veto competition, Frankie won and used the veto during the veto ceremony to save Caleb and replace him with Zach.

Zach is most likely to go tonight and he’s prepared for it. Will the remaining houseguests change their minds and vote Cody instead? Nah!

Anyway, follow this blog on Twitter, or join on Facebook for tonight’s results. Find out who get voted off Big Brother’s August 21, 2014 eviction night, as well as who returns inside the house. Of course, the HoH competition winners will be posted as well.

Update: Zach gets evicted! Nicole gets to come back.

Derrick evicts Zach
Christine evicts Zach
Donny evicts Zach
Caleb evicts Zach
Victoria evicts Zach

Big Brother 16 Week 9 Returning Juror Comp – “Comeback”

– Winner – Nicole


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