Who was voted off Big Brother August 22, 2013 evicted 8/22/13?

Big Brother season 15 results show airs tonight! It’s week 8 live eviction show tonight and one of the nominated house guests will be become the next member of the jury after tonight. Who will be voted out tonight? Will it be Spencer or Helen?

Aaryn was the head of household once again and it’s her fourth time to win this position. Meanwhile, Spencer has been nominated five times, as a pawn.

However it was announced last week that Candice, Judd, Jessie and whoever gets evicted tonight will compete for a chance to be back in the game. Uh oh! It’s what most of you have been expecting and it’s about to happen tonight.

Who do you want among these four to return?

Anyway, it was Elissa and Helen Spencer who were the nominees this week but Elissa won the power of veto and of course, she used it to save herself. Thus, Spencer Helen was the replacement nominee.

With Spencer as the pawn, for sure, Helen will be evicted. Do you agree? Will Elissa go with the house?

Again, results will be posted here. Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook while waiting for it. The one who got voted off Big Brother August 22, 2013 will be here, plus the next HoH and the one who gets to return inside the Big Brother House.

Update: Helen gets evicted! Judd returns inside the house! Elissa is the new HoH!


McCrae votes out Helen

Amanda votes out Helen

Elissa votes out Spencer

Andy votes out Helen

GinaMarie votes out Helen


HoH COMPETITON – “Off the Wall”. Candice, Judd, Jessie and Helen competes. Whoever is the last man standing wins.

Jessie falls first

Helen falls

Candice falls

Judd returns!

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