Who was voted off Big Brother August 25, 2011 evicted 8/25/11?

Big Brother August 25, 2011 eviction night results is what we’ve been waiting for this week. It’s double eviction night. For the first eviction, Daniele and Kalia are the nominees and it’s a bit obvious as to who will be going to the jury house. But we can’t be sure until the live voting begins. Who do you think it will be? Who gets voted out of Big Brother 8/25/11 eviction results?

Shelly has been working hard to keep Daniele, talking to Porsche and Adam. Porsche is already on Daniele’s side but Adam, he doesn’t trust Daniele anymore after figuring out that she’s actually trying to evict him. Porsche has also been trying to talk to him to keep Daniele. Three votes are needed, Porsche and Shelly will vote out Kalia while Jordan and Rachel will vote out Daniele. That leaves Adam. Who he’s going to say when called by Julie?

Find out tonight the house guest who will join Brendon in the jury house, the one who was voted off Big Brother August 25, 2011 results will be provided. Know who the next HoH is. There will be two HoH competition and a PoV competition.

Update: Daniele got voted off! Kalia wins HoH competition no. 1; Porsche wins PoV but didn’t use it; Jeff got voted off; Porsche is the new HoH;

Flashbacks – will Rachel keep Daniele?

Julie announced it’s double eviction.

Voting time!

Jordan voted Daniele

Porsche voted Kalia

Shelly voted Kalia

Rachel voted Daniele

Adam voted Daniele

HoH competition next!

Kalia wins HoH!

Kalia nominated Jeff and Rachel

PoV comnpetition (clowning around)!

Porsche won Veto!

Porsche decided not to use it saying it’s what Daniele wanted

Jordan voted Rachel

Porsche voted Jeff

Adam voted Rachel

Shelly voted Jeff

Kalia votes – Jeff

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