Who was voted off Big Brother August 26, 2010 evicted 8/26/10?

It’s Big Brother August 26, 2010 eviction night for Week 7 and not only one, but two will be voted off tonight. Who will be the next to get evicted after Kathy? As of the moment, Matt is really the one to go as the House Guests will surely vote him out. What’s exciting is who is the other one to get voted out of Big Brother 8/26/10?

Matt knows he’s the one to go and he’s not trying to stay. Instead, he’s throwing people under the bus, telling lies about the House Guests. He’s trying to mess things up since he knows he’ll be the one to go.

So, after the first eviction, there will surely be another HoH competition, PoV competition and another eviction at the same night. Who would you want to win HoH, PoV and be evicted next?

Be back here tonight when the show starts and if you couldn’t watch it on CBS. Live blogging of the happenings during the show will be here. Find out who was voted off Big Brother August 26, 2010 results.

Updates: Matt was evicted tonight; Hayden won HoH; Ragan win PoV; Brendon was evicted tonight;

Show now giving recaps of the past week

Julie announced the double eviction

Brendon voted out Matt

Hayden voted out Matt

Ragan voted out Matt

Lane voted out Matt

HoH competition next – delivering the good; Hayden won HoH

The Brigade and Brendon are having a meeting

Hayden nominated Brendon and Ragan

PoV competition up next; Before and After game; Last man standing wins;

Enzo & Brendon out; Britney out; Ragan won PoV!

Britney and Brendon nominated;

Enzo voted out Brendon;

Ragan voted out Brendon;

Lane voted out Brendon;

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  1. Yes, i would like to know if Nick Dupuis Could be on Big Brother the next Season in 2011. He loves watching all teh shows he is a very big fan!!! He is 25 Years old. He wants to know if he could do it!!!

    Thank you so much,
    Madeline Busch

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